Addiction Break-Up Ritual

This is the last casino I stepped into, where my last bet was placed.  

I took a few seconds to take this picture as I passed by it for the last time.  I don’t know why. 

Looking at the picture causes me great pain.  It reminds me of my defects and demons.  Right away, the pain and guilt slap me on the face, punishing me for my selfishness.  
Every time I stepped into a gambling establishement was like entering a timewarp where I would lose sense of reality.  The real world, responsibilities, and common sense stayed at the door.  For hours, gambling was my all.  It took prescedence over everything in my life.   I was in an exclusive relationship with gambling.  Definitely a bad relationship.  The worst of my life. 

Now that I think of it, taking that picture made sense.  I wanted to stamp a time-mark on this precise instant in my life.  A way to visualy document the end of my gambling.  The end of a nightmare merits documenting, after all. 


Good bye.




Good Riddance

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