Hi, welcome to my journey to recovery.

I am strong and kindhearted woman who is a wife to wonderful man and a mother to two young children.  On the outside, it would seem like I’ve got things together, but between you and I… I so don’t.  You know the saying…”we all make mistakes.” Well, I’m living mine as you read this page.  A big one.  You see, I am a compulsive gambler, and as such have made mistakes that hurt my loved once.  Read my full addiction story.  I fell into gambling addiction and lost myself.

I never I imagined I would be “one of those people” with an addiction problem.  By the time I hit my rock bottom, I felt so low  I wanted to quit life.  I failed and betrayed my family, and myself.  I didn’t think I could live with that guilt.

In order to move forward, I needed to start on a path that would help me heal and make things right again.  I started this blog to document that journey.  It will serve as an outlet for the emotional roller coaster addiction and addiction recovery create and will include many things-addiction.

In the coming days, weeks, months, etc… my story will unfold.   I hope that in that time my actions pave the way to a better future.

I chose to bring it online to share with you and others that I am making a commitment to myself, my family, and to you to take the steps to recovery one day at a time.  This blog and you will be my confidant.  I need your company, opinions, and support.  Please, be a witness and contributor to my recovery.  I need a family that I can confide in and share my feelings and experiences with.  I need you to be that family.

Please, share my story with friends and family, those who might relate, those who need help, and those who can provide help.

I hope to hear from you soon!  To send me a note, click the link below.

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