Addiction Recovery LIVE

 Note to reader:  “As an addict, I have two choices: stay buried and lost in the pain, guilt, and regret of addiction or fight to dig myself out of (however difficult it may be) the mess I created and start my healing process.  I choose to fight… and now is the time to take action.  I created this site to document my gambling addiction recovery online and share it with you.  I don’t where its going to take me, but as it grows, I hope to grow with it.  Click here to read my gambling addiction story.

Stick around to follow and support my journey.  Definitely share you own experiences with me on any of my posts.  Maybe from time to time you can keep tabs on me, check on my progress, and send me a note of encouragement?  I’d love to hear from you. Please be my support system!”



featured image: CC by-ND 2.0 Flickr/James Jordan:




  1. awseome blog thanks for sharing your story..Im a recovering heroin addict and have struggled with many other addictions.

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    1. Kratom, I feel your pain. Addiction is a monster that haunts many of us. Sorry for the delayed response. I relapsed and lost my focus. = (
      I am hoping to find my way away from addiction again. I hope you find a way to heal as well. Best wishes.


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