Celebrity Addict – Corey Feldman

Corey Scott Feldman (actor and author) a.k.a. Corey Feldman

Best known for:

  • Gremlins – film, actor: Pete Fountaine
  • The Goonies – film, actor: Clark Devereaux
  • Stand by Me – film, actor: Teddy Duchamp
  • The Lost Boys – film, actor: Edgar Frog
  • A&E Networks’s The Two Coreys – reality television show: self
  • Coreyography: A Memoir – author, autobiography


Guilty Viewing Pleasures: Lost Boys/Ingrid Richter/Flickr/CC by-2.0


Eighties child star Corey Feldman suffered drug addiction and sex addiction for years.  Having had a troubled childhood due to poor family support and a broken family, Corey often felt “worthless and no good“.  After his parents divorced, he told People Magazine in a 1992 interview, acting

“was the only way to get out of everything. That was my fix, before I started doing drugs.” – Corey Feldman

On their review of Corey Felman’s, Coreyography: A Memoir, Fox News reports he was introduced to drugs when he found his mother’s “stash”.  He would later begin experimenting and smoking marijuana at the age of 14 on Hollywood sets.  Soon there after, would begin his devastating spiral into addiction.  Although his drug abuse included cocaine, mushrooms, acid, and crack, he says cocaine and heroin were the only drug he was addicted to.

In March of 1990 he was stopped by police for a traffic violation.  During the search, an officer found him in possession of  heroin and cocaine says Los Angeles Times.  He entered rehab after release in Marina del Rey,  California.  There, according to New York Daily News , “guitarist Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction helped him shoot up [heroin].”

In September of 1990, after a routine stop, he was arrested and charged with possession of heroin.  He entered a live-in drug program that next October from which he was suspended for rules violations.

After a third arrest, he entered rehab in North Hollywood in December of 1990.  Where he stayed for nine months, and was reportedly sober until he briefly relapsed in 1995.

As if drug addiction was not enough, it is not Feldman’s only skeletons in the closet.  Although not as highly publicized as his addiction to drugs, Corey Feldman owned up about his other demons on CNN’s Larry King Live in 2007.  When host Larry King asked about his addictions, Feldman replied “… I will claim I am a sex addict. I — I take full responsibility.”

In November of 2013, he announced on HuffPost Live that he was 20 years sober.

“I know the hell you go through and how lonely it is”

featured image: Corey Feldman 01/22/2015#1/Justin Higuchi/Flickr/CC by-2.0

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  1. […] CNN’s Larry King Live show as “a chronic relapser for the rest of [his] life.”  Related: In the same interview, pal Corey Feldman, admits to being a sex addict. […]


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