Child in Car with Overdosed Adults

A tragic story unfolded on September 7th, 2016.  A defenseless four year old child was in a moving car with two adults who overdosed on drugs.


Facebook/City of East Liverpool, Ohio

In East Liverpool, Ohio, police officer Kevin Thompson pulled over a vehicle that had been driving erratically “weaving back and forth in the lane”.   The male driver reported he was driving the female passenger (later identified as the child’s grandmother) to the hospital, but he himself went unconscious during the stop.  An ambulance was called to the scene, and the two adults were treated with Narcan and transported to East Liverpool City Hospital for evaluation.

The child was placed in Columbiaba County Children’s Services.

Although the images’ content is strong and reveal the identity of the minor, the police department’s decision to release it as is to call attention “to raise awareness of the Midwestern US state’s heroin epidemic,” reported BBC News here.  The controversial decision is already swarming the online world with people in support and against the action.

As an addict and mother of two young children myself, I’m torn between being against and for this decision.  Nonetheless, in the spirit of battling addiction full force, I decided to post on this event in hopes to help the city of East Liverpool, OH battle against drug addiction.

Your thoughts?  Post your comment!

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