30 Days Sober – Gambling Free

I want to take the time to document today, September 10th 2016, as my 30-day mark in my recovery process.  It has been 30 full day since I last gambled.  Read more about my last time.  I still haven’t fully come out to my husband and family about my gambling problem. Sure they know I frequented game-rooms and casinos.  They also think I’ve spent “a little too much” (too much time, too much energy, too much money) gambling here and there.  What they don’t know is the extent of my problem.  They don’t know the anxiety and insomnia that came with the addiction…that I felt so physically and mentally sick I thought my being was disgusting.  Read more about it here.

Since they don’t know, I can’t go to them to confide my stories and feelings.  I can’t go to them for help and support, this is why I created this blog.  Journey of a Gambling Addict Mom Making Amends is my outlet and my support center.

I know some day when I’m stronger and ready to, I will tell my loved ones all about my gambling problem.  When?  I couldn’t tell you.  How?  No idea.  When that time comes, I will make sure I share to that here with you.

Stick around and follow me.

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